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We are digital agency based in Zurich, providing video, photography, audio and podcasting services. 

Our artwork concentrates in event photography, creative marketing, video production, post - production and podcasting. We have all the necessary equipment, commitment and creative zest to bring your ideas to life and make it stand out.

In our work we are pedantic, yet fanatically creative. We are bold and fearless.  


Our goal is to provide you with the best output that you envisioned. 


We dare you to challenge us! 


Through storytelling you can elevate your brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level.


When well done, business storytelling gives a compelling reason of customers to use your services or buys your product. A good brand can inspire trust between customers, employees, and suppliers.

What is your story?


We know what it takes to be in front of a camera, do an interview, tell a story, find the right scene, make the perfect shot, edit and work with tight deadlines.

We use all our experience to make the best video for you. We will make it fun and easy and we have different solutions for every budget.

Business Videos

promo video, brand video, interviews, testimonials

Wedding/Events Videos


Fashion & Editorial


editorial photography and fashion 

Event Photography

gala events, birthday parties, christenings, graduation ceremonies, conferences and charity 

Brand Photography

Brand imagery includes your headshots & profile images, as well as images of the physical products you may sell.

Food Photography




Podcast Services

Podcasting is changing the world. Create your brand's podcast and grow your audience.

Voice Over Record & Edit


recording qualitative voice over for interviews, testimonials. video productions